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PCCC Ltd - 2024 Annual General Meeting

An invitation is extended to all members of the Port Curtis Coral Coast Trust Limited for the upcoming Annual General Meeting

The Port Curtis Coral Coast Ltd as trustee for the Port Curtis Coral Coast Aboriginal Peoples Charitable Trust warmly invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the corporation.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Port Curtis Coral Coast Ltd, which serves Traditional Owners of the Port Curtis Coral Coast region of Queensland, is a crucial event for members and stakeholders. It provides an opportunity to review the Trust's performance, elect or re-elect board members, and ask questions.

The Trust's mission is to support the economic, social, and cultural development of First Nation Bailai, Gurang, Gooreng Gooreng & Taribelang Bunda Peoples. The AGM ensures transparency and accountability, making it a vital part of the Trust's governance.

Please view the official notice below.


   Notice Cover Letter - PCCC Ltd


  Notice of AGM - PCCC Ltd


In loving memory of all our ancestors, we acknowledge their fight and their hard work to get recognition of our country and for us to be standing here today.