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Culture & Elders

First National Bailai, Gurang, Gorreng Gooreng, Taribelang Bunda (FNBGGGTB) People are committed to respecting our Elders, maintaining our culture, ensuring traditional language, care of country responsibilities and cultural practices are honoured and continued.

Our Elders and Culture Committee are currently preparing draft Policies and Programs to promote and support our Elders and keeping our culture strong. The Terms of Reference for the Committee are:

  1. Creation of an Elders Council;
  2. Ongoing maintaining and supporting FNBGGGTB Cultural and Language Programs;
  3. Supporting FNBGGGTB Elders by developing appropriate Socio programs;
  4. Assist with leadership on care of country responsibilities and FNBGGGTB land use strategies


In loving memory of all our ancestors, we acknowledge their fight and their hard work to get recognition of our country and for us to be standing here today.