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Bundaberg NAIDOC


Bundaberg NAIDOC Award Nominations (Closed)

Watch Bundaberg NAIDOC Facebook page for the final two nominees of each award categories.


View all Bundaberg NAIDOC events flyers located at the bottom of the page.

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For more information about Bundaberg NAIDOC events, please contact the Bundaberg & District NAIDOC Committee on 07 4130 7700 or email

Knockout Knowledge Flyer

External web link - /media/256744/347606309_558656129782185_2972601878206172259_n.jpg

Spiritual Service Flyer

External web link - /media/256745/347607215_1362999874279747_5779187995735008893_n.jpg

Flag Raising Ceremony Flyer

External web link - /media/256746/347620573_231023029570460_4242911615052736976_n.jpg

Bundaberg NAIDOC Awards Flyer

External web link - /media/256755/347587856_814875993567275_1910612611581476683_n.jpg

Elders Luncheon Flyer

External web link - /media/256754/347596561_1154414575951373_6372109725619925088_n.jpg

NAIDOC Art Exhibition Flyer

External web link - /media/256756/347608968_256557490262795_790747183231258810_n.jpg

Galaŋur Bugi Little Ones Flyer

External web link - /media/256761/353798629_61018243129287_5591779260091327669_n.jpg

Bundaberg NAIDOC March

External web link - /media/256762/347835050_1897277560656925_7703994273216330134_n.jpg

NAIDOC Family Fun Day

External web link - /media/256763/347844605_102591879509520_4908367765682628359_n.jpg

Weaving Workshop

Download - File size: 289KB

Movie Night_Bundaberg NAIDOC

External web link - /media/256765/347627745_977500863258919_1548350616032288117_n.jpg

Block Party - IWC

External web link - /media/256766/b22828817d094a2df43694bc4f7738db84ff22b8e634103ecfc7444a800209c8.jpg


In loving memory of all our ancestors, we acknowledge their fight and their hard work to get recognition of our country and for us to be standing here today.