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Investing in Our Shared Future - United in Focus, Spirit, Culture and Identity

Port Curtis Coral Coast Trust Limited (PCCC) represents the First Nations Bailai, Gurang, Gooreng Gooreng and Taribelang Bunda Peoples and administers the First Nations Bailai, Gurang, Gooreng Gooreng, Taribelang Bunda People Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (PBC).

The PBC is responsible for managing all Native Title matters across the Bundaberg, Gladstone and part of the North Burnett regions. This includes all Cultural Heritage and traditional management of country and also managing the pristine waterways under the PCCC TUMRA.


Our Journey

The long journey to Native Title and Self Determination


Programs for Our Mob

Dedicated programs to help our mob become strong, proud and empowered.


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How we help the community

The PCCC is available to discuss all Native Title matters for the Bundaberg, Gladstone and North Burnett regions including Cultural Heritage and TUMRA enquiries. PCCC also delivers assistance and support to PCCC people through targeted social, training and employment programs.