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Dorrie Day
Connect and engage with mob

Discover the range of First Nations Employment & Training opportunities in our community at 2024 Dorrie Day

What is the First Nations Careers Dorrie Day?

Dorrie Day is an exciting First Nations careers event, bringing together local businesses and organizations from Bundaberg, Gladstone, Calliope, and beyond! This is the perfect day to discover and explore a world of First Nations-identified roles in our community. Whether you're a job seeker, student, or employer, you'll have a chance to meet and greet with inspiring businesses, unlocking new possibilities and career paths.

2024 Dorrie Day Events

1st August 10am to 3pm
Philip Street Communities & Families Precinct
1 Pengelly Street, Gladstone
29th August 10am to 3pm
CQUniversity Bundaberg 

Connect and engage with mob at the PCCC 2024 Dorrie Day First Nations Careers Day

Commencing in August 2020 this annual expo is recognised as a comprehensive First Nations Careers Expo in the Bundaberg & Gladstone region with the focus on Employment and Training opportunities for our mob.

Dorrie Day experienced excitement and commitment in 2023, with an enthusiastic turnout of First Nations job seekers and students from various Bundaberg and Gladstone regions. The event attracted 2000 attendees and hosted over 100 exhibitors, offering plenty of employment opportunities and meaningful conversations.

PCCC would like to build the capacity of communities to ensure that underserved Indigenous communities have the best opportunity, skills, and knowledge to successfully pursue the education and training that will enable them to achieve their career and life goals. We will work towards a future where all First Nations peoples are empowered and equipped with the education and training needed to succeed in a diverse and global society. PCCC acknowledges the value of a community event that will showcase First Nations roles within the local community while supporting the attendees with support of what they need to achieve to obtain these roles.

Visitors enjoying Dorrie Day attractions

Why make it to the 2024 Dorrie Day

Immerse yourself into an environment full of Education, Employment and Training opportunities, gain the confidence to get your dream job, and make strong community connections!

With a heart for the community, Dorrie Day is all about empowering First Nations job seekers to go after their dreams and land a job they love in this awesome region. Our Gladstone and Bundaberg events are the hotspot for connecting with locals, getting the inside scoop, and kicking off your journey to success. And let's not forget - there are plenty of good vibes, delicious food, and fun activities to explore too. Get ready for a day full of epic moments!

Our goals for Dorrie Day

Dorrie Day is an educational event to drive change in people's understanding of employment and to be a mechanism for change.

Dorrie Day is an educational event that aims to revolutionize people's perception of employment and serve as a catalyst for change. Our goal is to alter the way individuals view their employment skills and encourage them to pursue their aspirations. While we don't guarantee job placements, we strive to impart knowledge that will help individuals make informed decisions regarding their future employment choices. Dorrie Day stands out as a unique event that fosters the spirit of curiosity and endless possibilities. It features a diverse range of activities, including music, dance, team sports, demonstrations, and colourful displays. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with others who share a passion for transforming their lives and those of their families. This event creates a platform for businesses and communities to come together cohesively and explore new opportunities that can benefit all parties involved.

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2023 Dorrie Day success in numbers

The 2023 Dorrie Day across Gladstone & Bundaberg.


Dorrie Day events


people attended both events




people gained employment

The year 2023 marked a mega-success for Dorrie Day, as First Nations job seekers and students from Bundaberg and Gladstone regions brought their A-game. The event was an action-packed affair, attracting over 2000 visitors and more than 100 exhibitors. The air buzzed with excitement, and opportunities to land a dream job or have a meaningful discussion were aplenty.

Dorrie Day Gallery

Take a look at photos from past Dorrie Day Careers Day events.

Dorrie Day Resources

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