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White Goods

PCCC White Goods Program

PCCC helps fund White Goods, such as Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines, Air-Conditioners, to the maximum value of $1,000. The program is designed to be distributed to 30 Port Curtis Coral Coast Families who are most financially in need, based on the information required to support their applications and priority may be given to families.

Port Curtis Coral Coast families who have received White Goods under the program in the previous two (2) years are NOT ELIGIBLE for the next round of the program. PCCC Trust does not provide any cash payments and supply of goods is based on a tender process with eligible suppliers providing submissions prior to program commencement.

Please note the program is currently not open and is not scheduled to open until mid 2018. We recommend you check this website for updates and of course keep an eye out for our latest Newsletters.



How We Became PCCC

Background to the formation and registration of the PCCC Native Title Claimant Application, and the roles and responsibilities of PCCC entities.


What Programs are Available

Upcoming programs and forms to help the PCCC People, including such things as Funeral, Education and Elderly Assistance.