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PCCC Programs focus the key areas of providing the relief of poverty, sickness, distress and the special needs of PCCC persons. Included in the special needs is the development and implementation of quality education outcomes for PCCC persons. The Trust is proud to provide the following to PCCC people.

Education Grants & Scholarships

With the support of our dedicated Employment & Training Committee, industry partners and deadly groups like Gidarjil and Byellee. PCCC is increasingly able provide education and scholarship programs to help PCCC people achieve in their field of excellence.

PCCC supports three priority programs

  1. Back to School
  2. Enhancement, Political, Social Cultural Engagement and Sporting Scholarship
  3. Tertiary Education Scholarship

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Funeral Assistance

PCCC understands it can be a very difficult time when family members pass away and has developed the Funeral Assistance Program to provide up to $2,000 to help with funeral expenses.

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 An Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) has been established between the Port Curtis Coral Coast (PCCC) Native Title Claim Group and Gladstone Ports Corporation.  This voluntary partnership has been established to ensure the responsible and respectful management of the lands and sea on which we do business to deliver sustainable and mutual prosperity.


Join the growing number of PCCC people who have already become members and we will keep you informed about PCCC activities and upcoming events and most importantly you will gain the ability to vote

White Goods

The PCCC Trust White Goods Program is designed to provide assistance to PCCC families with the supply of essential household whitegoods.


How We Became PCCC

Background to the formation and registration of the PCCC Native Title Claimant Application, and the roles and responsibilities of PCCC entities.


What Programs are Available

Upcoming programs and forms to help the PCCC People, including such things as Funeral, Education and Elderly Assistance.