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Board Directors

Tony Johnson (Chairperson)

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson is Traditional Owner/Descendent of the Gooreng Gooreng Nation. Tony has been married for 35 years to Liz with 3 children Holly, Bardi and Dean and 4 Grandchildren Shanice, Taylah, Zane and Janeeva.

Tony has had 15+ Year's experience working in senior Management positions with various Government agencies, including Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney General the Aboriginal Development Commission and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

Tony has also worked 20+ year's with Indigenous Community controlled organizations (NGOs), Indigenous Working Groups and Alliances in various senior Management positions. Tony has 10 years working experience within Native Title and also Involved with the PCCC native title process for 20 years. More recently Tony has been a Capacity Building Project Officer (Mining and Development) at North Queensland Land Council, NTRB, and is also a small business operator.

As an Australian Institute of Company Directors graduate and member, Tony has applied his skills and experience to be the reelected Chair of PCCC Ltd and also worked as the Interim Coordinator for over 18 months,. Tony has been a foundation Director since June 2013 and also Chairs the PCCC Ltd Investment Committee and is a Trustee on the Port Curtis Coral Coast Aboriginal Peoples Charitable Trust.

Tony is a strong advocate for developing Regional Agreements (Treaties) with Government and Regional Intra Indigenous Agreements, based on recognized Country, and cultural responsibilities. Tony is committed to self determination for Port Curtis Coral Coast people, and shares the collective vision and direction of PCCC Ltd with an important emphasis on long term economic independence for our people. PCCC Ltd has been and will continue to be inclusive, transparent and accountable to our members and beneficiaries, as part of focus on ensuring a strong Corporate Governance framework is the foundation, of policy and program development for PCCC people.

Tony's interests and hobbies include: Sport, particularly Rugby League, Cowboys supporter, Fishing, Crosswords, Reading, supporting his grandchildren, promoting and supporting Aboriginal self determination.

Marilyn Smith

Marilyn is a Traditional Owner/Descendent of the Gooreng Gooreng Nation. She is the daughter of Hector and Dorothy Johnson and the youngest sister to 7 older siblings. Marilyn is married to Jeff Smith both of whom reside in Gladstone, they have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Marilyn’s has a continuing passion to work with her fellow Indigenous people progressing our struggle for self-determination and economic development. Marilyn has vowed to be part of a solution for Aboriginal justice and promoting our rights as First Nation People. Marilyn Fully supports a ‘Treaty’.

“My hope is to work collaboratively with others to achieve a better future for those in the PCCC Native Title are. I know the National statistics on Indigenous incarceration, health and longevity and mental health issues are concerning and if these figures are representative of the situation in our area then we have a lot of work to do in partnering with governments and others to develop opportunities that will bring about radical change.”- Marilyn Smith

Lurleen Blackman

Lurleen BlackmanLurleen Blackman is a traditional owner/descendent from the Toolooa Tribe of the Gurang Nation. Married to Merooni Warrior, Shayne Blackman a tribe also of the Gurang Nation. They have 4 children and 10 Grandchildren plus 2 nieces.


Lurleen worked for Yalga-binbi Institute for 24 years starting as an Administration Assistant eventually becoming the Director / Executive Officer. Due to health reasons Lurleen resigned.


Having been involved extensively over the last 20 plus years with like-minded communities/people in establishing Indigenous initiatives such as; RTO Services, Legal Aid Services, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services, Women’s groups, Aged Care Services, Educational Facilities and Construction Companies.


Lurleen is an Applicant on the Port Curtis Coral Coast Native Title Claim. Her desire to represent the needs and aspirations of the Claim group are a strong motivator for participation at this level. Lurleen strives to ensure that the PCCC as a whole get the best possible outcome through each negotiation without compromising her own personal values, this is vital to her continuous involvement.

Kerry Blackman

Kerry Blackman

Kerry Blackman, a traditional owner /descendant of the Gurang and Gooreng Gooreng peoples. Kerry is a proud traditional owner of the Meerooni Clan of the Gurang people.

As a former ATSIC Commissioner and a Member of the National Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation and as an Aboriginal Leader of the Haggai Australian Aboriginal Leadership Council Kerry has over the years had extensive interaction with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities across Australia at a local Community, Regional, State and National Level.

Kerry has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the factors, both historically and contemporary affecting our people in terms of social justice and the chronic unemployment and Economic situation of our people.

“Our people are the most disadvantaged group on every socio-economic scale in Australia today and every effort must be made to alleviate this disadvantage the cash, land and assets we have derived from our Native Title Compensation benefits give us the greatest opportunity to move the next generation and the future generations out of poverty forever” – Kerry Blackman

Dale Brown

Dale Brown is a Traditional Owner/Descendent of the Taribelang Bunda & Gungalu Nations. Dale married a 'Moree Girl', named 'Noeline' they have 4 girls and 2 boys & grandchildren.

Dale has worked in various jobs throughout Queensland ranging from Woolworth's to an Apprentice Tiler and held a position within the Gladstone Council. Dale went into studies and worked as a 'Aboriginal Health Worker' he then continued on to works as a Care Co-Coordinator and then a Cultural Child and Family support worker. Dale now works as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Clinician in his home town of Bundaberg, Queensland.

“Being a Director gives me the opportunity to represent my people the Taribelang Bunda nation on the PCCC board, it is up to me to put 110% towards the visions and Goals of PCCC and ensure that our people’s voices are heard and dealt with in a culturally respectful & timely manner', which suits me just fine because, as an 'Original' person of this nation”- Dale Brown

Dean Sarra

Dean SarraDean Sarra was born in Bundaberg and is a proud Traditional Owner/Descendent of the Tarlibelang Bunda and Gooreng-Gooreng Nations. Dean has been a representative within the PCCC community as a Native Title Applicant since 2004 and is now as a Director of the PCCC Trust Ltd.

Dean has completed a Bachelor of Laws Degree at Griffith University and is undertaking Post Graduate Studies in Law. On completion, he will make an application to be admitted to the Bar in September 2017. He is currently employed by the Department of Defence and is a member of the Strategic Sustainment Group at the RAAF Base Amberley.  His interest in law developed over a span of 30 years in various roles within the public service and in private business. With his Law Degree, he plans to advocate on behalf of those members of our community that do not have a voice within the Judicial system. In his role as Director and a representative for the Tarlibelang Bunda, Dean is motivated to establish a lasting legacy for future generations of Traditional Owners within the PCCC.

Lee-ann Dudley

Leanne Dudley

Lee-ann is a traditional Owner/Descendent of Byellee. Lee-ann is also of South Sea Islander and Torres Strait Islander heritage. Lee-ann enjoys playing hockey with friends on the weekends; watching Rugby League and reading.

Lee-ann has worked for Gladstone Ports Corporation for 21+ years and has held various positions within GPC during these times and is currently employed as the Community Relations Officer for Indigenous Affairs.

Lee-ann has been and continues to be an active member on the Board of Directors for Nhulundu Health Organisation in Gladstone and currently fills the role of Chair. Lee-ann is also a Director to the Central Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Organisation which help achieve optimum outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Matthew Cooke

Matthew is a Traditional Owner/ Descendent of the Bailai (Byellee) people in Gladstone, Central Queensland.

Matthew is dedicated to fulfilling the elected roles of Native Title Applicant and Trust Director for the Port Curtis Coral Coast (PCCC), Matthew has a strong commitment and focus on delivering improved social and economic outcomes for the Bailai, Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng and Gurang people's. 

Matthew has been elected over the years as a Chairperson, Deputy Chair and Director on many various boards, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) to name a few. Matthew also fulfilled his role CEO of Nhulundu Wooribah Indigenous Health Organisation Inc., the Aboriginal Medical Service in Gladstone, for more than six years.

In 2007 Matthew was named Young Leader in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and in 2008 received the Deadly Vibe Young Leader award. Matthew’s active involvement spans all four levels of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Sector – national, state, regional and local.


How We Became PCCC

Background to the formation and registration of the PCCC Native Title Claimant Application, and the roles and responsibilities of PCCC entities.


What Programs are Available

Upcoming programs and forms to help the PCCC People, including such things as Funeral, Education and Elderly Assistance.